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What is Snapchat Planets Order?

Snapchat Planets Order

Have you noticed those cute planet emojis next to some of your friends’ names on Snapchat? That’s not just for decoration! Snapchat has a secret ranking system for your friendships, and we’re about to decode it. Get ready to discover the Snapchat Planets Order and see where you land in your friends’ solar systems.

What is Snapchat Planets Order? 

Snapchat Planets Order

Snapchat Planets Order is a visual feature within Snapchat that ranks your closest friendships on the app. Each friend is assigned a planet based on how frequently you interact with them, mirroring the order of planets in our solar system.

How the Friendship Solar System Works

You are the Center of Attention:

 In the Friend Solar System, you are the radiant sun at the center. Your closest Snapchat friends become the planets circling around you.

Planets Mimic Reality:

The order in which the planets are assigned to your friends follows the same order of planets in our solar system. Here’s the breakdown:

Mercury: This is your absolute Snapchat bestie, the one you exchange the most snaps and chats with.

Venus: Your second-closest connection on the app.

Earth: You’re the third-best friend for whoever has Earth in their solar system.

Mars: represents being your fourth-best friend.

Jupiter: This planet means you’re #5 on someone’s Best Friends list.

Saturn: You’re a solid sixth-best friend.

Uranus: This usually indicates your position as the seventh-closest friend.

Neptune: the farthest planet, signifying being an eighth-best friend.

How to View Your Friend’s Solar System

Snapchat keeps your friend’s solar system tucked away, but accessing it is easy.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Your Profile: Tap on your Bitmoji or profile picture in the top left corner of the Snapchat screen.
  2. Find “Friendship Profiles: Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find the “Friendship Profiles” section. These are special profiles dedicated to your individual friendships.
  3. Select a friend. Tap on the friendship profile of the friend you’re curious about.
  4. Look for the Planet: If you’re close enough friends, you’ll see a planet emoji next to their friend emoji on their profile. This planet reveals your place in their solar system!

What Snapchat Planets Mean for Your Friendships

A Visual Friendship Gauge:

 Snapchat planets are a playful way to see how your closest friendships rank on the app. Think of it as a friendship thermometer of sorts, reflected through the distance of planets.

Dynamic, Not Static:

 It’s crucial to remember that your position on someone’s solar system isn’t set in stone! If you actively snap and chat with a friend, their planet will scoot closer to your sun. Lessen the interactions, and it might drift away.

Emphasis on Fun:

 While the planets add a competitive layer, don’t take them too seriously. They’re primarily designed to add a lighthearted element to your Snapchat experience.

Potential Icebreaker:

 The Friend Solar System can be a fun conversation starter! A playful “So, what planet am I in your system?” can spark chats about your friendship dynamic.

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In the world of Snapchat, your friendships have their own celestial order! The Friend Solar System is a unique way to visualize your closest connections within the app. Remember, planet positions shift based on how much you snap and chat, adding a dynamic element to your Snapchat experience. So, the next time you check whose planet is closest, take a moment to appreciate those special friendships.

FAQs about Snapchat Planets Order.

What exactly is the Snapchat Planets Order?

 It’s a feature within Snapchat that secretly ranks your closest friends and assigns them planets based on how much you interact with them. Think of it as your own personal solar system of friendships!

How do I know my position on someone’s Snapchat Planets Order?

You’ll need to check their friendship profile. If you’re close enough friends, you’ll see a planet emoji next to their name. The planet reveals your ranking in their solar system.

Does Snapchat Planets Order cost anything?

 Yes, it’s currently a feature exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers.

Why does the order of planets matter?

The order reflects how close you are to each friend on Snapchat. The closer a friend’s planet is to your sun, the more snaps and chats you’ve exchanged. It shows who your Snapchat BFFs are!

What’s the difference between the Friend Solar System and Best Friends on Snapchat?

 The Friend Solar System is a visual representation of your Best Friends list, ranking them in order of closeness based on interaction. Being on someone’s Best Friends list simply means you interact with them a lot, but it doesn’t specify the exact ranking.

Can other people see my friend’s solar system?

Nope! Your friend’s solar system is totally private. Only you can see the planets you’ve assigned to your friends.

Should I take the Snapchat Planets Order seriously?

Ultimately, it’s a fun little feature! Don’t let planet positions dictate your friendships or cause any drama. It’s designed to be playful, not a precise indicator of friendship strength.

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