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How Twitch Turbo Can Improve Your Viewer Engagement

How Twitch Turbo Can Improve Your Viewer Engagement

If you are into gaming or live-streaming, you might have heard of the word Twitch at some point. Well, it’s a video streaming platform that allows its users to stream videos of gaming, music, sports, podcasts, and more.

Founded in 2011, Twitch now has become one of the leading platforms for live streaming. Twitch Turbo, however, is a premium version of Twitch that allows streamers to unlock some of its exclusive features.

In this article, we will learn what is Twitch Turbo and what features it provides for its users.

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What is Twitch Turbo?

As mentioned above, Twitch Turbo is the premium subscription of the live-streaming platform Twitch. One thing to make sure there is that Twitch Turbo is different from twitch prime. You get twitch prime when you link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch.

On the other hand, twitch turbo is the subscription that is provided by the platform itself.

How Twitch Turbo

Since its introduction in 2013, Twitch Turbo has been used by users to enjoy the premium features of the platform. Now, we are going to discuss these features one by one to give you a vivid understanding of what this premium subscription provides to its users.

1-     Ad-Free Streaming:

Unwanted ads are annoying no matter on which platform they are being displayed. A similar thing happens on Twitch also. You get to see ads within the live streams that are either displayed by the streamer or the platform itself.

ads free twitch turbo

The premium subscription of Twitch Turbo enables you to watch live-stream without having to watch ads. This feature makes the platform completely ad-free by removing all the ads whether they are supporting the streamer or not.

You might think that it is possible to make the platform ad-free by using an ad blocker. Maybe… but there aren’t many adblockers that can perform well on the platform.

So, if you want to watch your favorite live streams without ads, you can switch to Twitch Turbo.

2-     Extended Storage for Previous Broadcasts:

Another handy feature that Twitch Turbo provides is extended storage to save your previous broadcasts. If you are a standard Twitch user, you get 14 days of storage time to save your broadcasts. However, if you switch to the premium version, this limit extends to 60 days.

twitch turbo

This feature is helpful if you have streamed videos that might be necessary for your promotional campaigns. It can also be useful if you have started a series of episodes of any game or podcast stream.

One thing to consider while discussing this feature is that if you are a prime user or partner of Twitch, you already have this feature in your hand.

3-     Exclusive Chat Badge:

The premium subscribers of Twitch Turbo get an exclusive badge that they can display on their usernames in the chats.

This badge might not have any useful benefits other than displaying yourself as a turbo user but it’s still pretty cool, no?

One thing that you should keep in mind is that Twitch users also get many other badges with time when they keep using the platform. And you can only show one badge at a time. So, you have to be really picky while doing so. To have a broader understanding of Twitch badges, you can take a look at the Twitch badges guide that provides all the information you might need.

4-     Exclusive Emoticons:

Emoticons are emoji-like characters that Twitch users can use while chatting or streaming. Twitch Turbo provides an exclusive set of these emoticons.

Although there are emoticons available on the free version of Twitch, having the ability to use custom emotes in your streams and chats can be a cool thing.

5-     Custom Username Color Changing:

Another cool feature of Twitch Turbo is having the ability to customize the color combination of your chat usernames.

The subscription enables you to change your preferred color tone that will be displayed on your username while streaming or chatting. This enables you to stand out in chat by expressing your individuality in the communities and streams.

The changes help your messages and comments stand out in the chat or comments that can be easily noticed by the streamer or other people.

How You Can Get Twitch Turbo?

Getting Twitch Turbo is easy. All you have to do is signup for Twitch (if you don’t have an account already). Go to the menu and click on the Turbo option. Here, you can use the premium subscription for $8.99/month.

Alternative Platforms:

If, for some reason, you don’t want to use the Twitch platform, here are some alternative platforms that you can use instead.

1.      YouTube:

YouTube is the best alternative streaming platform that you can use instead of Twitch. You can stream anything within the guidelines of the platform and create revenue. YouTube allows you to chat with your viewers while streaming.

It also provides the Super Chat donation option that your viewers can use to donate money. YouTube also enables the streamer to save the VODs (Videos On Demand) for free that the viewers can watch anytime.

2.      Caffeine:

Caffeine is also a video streaming platform that allows people to stream live videos related to different topics. It can be a good alternative to Twitch because it provides very similar features. The only problem with this platform is that it does not provide any ad-free option to use.

3.      Facebook Watch:

As Facebook is the most widely used social media platform having over 2.91 billion users around the globe, it can be a fruitful alternative for Twitch.

The Facebook Watch feature allows you to generate good revenue through its monetization policies. The feature of watch parties can be used to stream about specific topics.

4.      Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is a YouTube-like website that is used to watch and stream videos. It can be used as an alternative streaming platform for Twitch. The platform also helps streamers earn revenue through their videos and streams.

Although it does not have as much popularity as YouTube or Facebook, it still can provide some useful features for streaming.


Twitch is one of the most productive and widely used platforms when it comes to live streaming. It enables you to stream videos related to your favorite topic. To enjoy its extended features, you can switch to its premium subscription of Twitch Turbo and get the benefits explained above in this article.

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