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Livebeam: Everything you need to know


In the age of technology, there are several platforms that offer to share live moments and experience but Livebeam is different from other communication platforms for several reasons .Live broadcasting is the most trending and popular way of communicating in the age of the communication.

Livebeam can be a fresh breath for creators to share their passions worldwide and allows users to create live content, building community as well as make friends worldwide.

Do you want to share your thoughts ,ideas, and experience with others? In this post, I am going to discuss Live Beam. So get more information, stay with us and continue reading this post.

What is Livebeam?


Livebeam is a popular cloud based tool that offer you to ability the create high quality content and share it with your audience. It also allows you to communicate via video, audio and chat with friends and family members.

 It is social discovery live streaming platforms where users can broadcast live video with strange globally that make their moments happy.

How does Livebeam work?

Livebeam has a simple and user-friendly  interface making it easy for anyone to get started. There is nothing about a complicated step that make you confused. To enjoy LiveBeam platform you just need a competent device with a strong internet connection.


Visit its official websites and create an account by providing the essential information to access the platform. Then you will enjoy liveBeam services such as live stream, sharing host live meeting and much more immediately. You can share and capture the moments with others right now.

As you login it allows you to create virtual meeting room and host video conferences.

What are the features of liveBeam?

It offers wide range of impressive features that are common causes of its popularity and also due to these features; livebeam is different from other platform. Here is a list of its features, including:

  • Live  streaming
  • Recording
  • Creating virtual rooms for video conferences
  • Allow to Share caption moments with  the audience
  • Customization
  • Live caption
  • Screen sharing
  • Several credit plans
  • Earn money by unlocking the content.

What are the benefits of using livebeam ?

There are several benefits that you can  get but individuals can get them  according to their own specific purposes. So in this section i will unlock benefits that you can also enjoy these benefits are:

Create community and Communication

Have you a skill? Livebeam offers to create a cultural community where you can share your experience, it does not matter where you belong.

Often, we want to share experiences with others but fail to find same talented and interested people .But now you can share stories and conversations with different people worldwide.

 Upgrade  your communication skills

LiveBeam is like a digital tutor that helps you grow your communication skills by communicating with your friend globally.

Learn foreign language

Sometimes we are greatly impressed by various community cultures and their languages. It is best and easiest way to learn and practices a new language by communicating, making friend and love with them.

High quality audio and video

It does not matter which types of device you have to view content. Platform allows you to share and watch high quality video and audio captures with each other.

Easy to use

One of the best  advantage of the live Beam  is Easy to use, it does not require any complicated registration steps .

If you have a smart phone, or PC  and an internet connection you can enjoy this platform.

Can I use Livebeam on the mobile phone?

Yes, Its available for both android and iOS.

Can I use Live Beam for business?

Absolutely yes,It can be use for generating leads and allow you to expand their prouduct awareness worldwide.

Is Livebeam is free to use?

LiveBeam registration are free but it offer paid services, including mail and chat services, To use their services,you need to purchase credit.

What are the charges for LiveBeam services?

Platform offer different credit rate for different services including.

  • For live chat  (2 credit per minutes)
  • For chat sticker  (5 credit)
  • For Chat photos (10 credits)
  • For Videos chat  (50 credits)
  • Watch stream is free f cost.

How can I join livebeam video conference?

You can join LiveBeam video conference

  1. By clicking on the link that is shared by host.
  2. By using the meeting ID and password.

As you join the meeting room, you will be able to collaborate each other.

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Facts about the future of LiveBeam?

LiveBeam future is bright. According to my point of view and experience, broadcasting is increasing rapidly and on the other hand ,people prefer to work from home these days. Video conference, online meetings, and live communication platforms are gaining popularity.


LiveBeam is the most popular social media platform that allow you to communicate and share your skills globally. Platform is easy to use and offers a variety of the features.

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